Asking Different Questions to Tell a Different Type of Story

Welcome to American Storylines – a newsletter covering the facts and features of American life. The newsletter will serve as a roadmap to understanding the everyday and extraordinary aspects of the American experience. In doing so, we’ll tackle some of the most pressing social, political and cultural questions, like: Are we experiencing a friendship recession? Who believes in conspiracies? And why are millennials leaving religion?

How is American Storylines Different?

In an era when our lives have become overly curated, our news is filtered to reinforce our beliefs and biases. Our friends mostly share our own personal, religious and political views. Storylines offers an opportunity to look at the world through an unfiltered lens. My goal is not simply to describe the divisions in American life, but to provide the space to explain why Americans make distinct choices or embrace certain beliefs.

The newsletter will offer a blend of interviews with experts and conversations with ordinary (and extraordinary!) Americans, along with incisive analysis and compelling visualizations. Many of the posts will be inspired by the work of the Survey Center on American Life, where I serve as the Director, but this research will almost always serve as a jumping-off point; an opportunity to further investigate the story behind the data.

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